brown/red hair

I'm bad.
really bad.
Haven't post something for ages.
Well finally here is something. And yes i still now that i'm the only one reading this anyway xd.
In the main time between the last post and now i've been in czech republic. It was very nice, i have skied :'D
And i did a lot of schoolwork, worked very hard. And my work finally payed of. My graths are way better than they were first :D
This schoolyear is going so fast. It's like I just started the 4th grade, and now it's almost over. Getting a lot of free days and weeks and before you know it, it is summer. And when summer i will start on my 5th year highschool. That isn't my last year btw, but it's gonna be a really important year. I have to graduate the year after that. And after highschool?! I really don't know what to do than. I always think i have time enough to think about that, but i haven't. Time flies, I learned that.
Wooh important lesson haha.
Tonight i'm going out with the girls, gonna be fun.
I really looking forward to it :'D

- denise

omg its been so long!
Why? Well i can explain.
School. I think that make sense haha (:
Just to much homework and to much hours.
Hate hate hate!
haha and well nobody's reads this anyway, just nice too read back for myself.
Haha and there's nothing really happened, just my boring life.
Waah i am in love, but i don't want to. Cuz when i am in love, it just dissapoints me to much when he don't likes me. But i can't control it, and it is an amazing feeling =]
OOOH BTW i finally finished breaking dawn OMG IT WAS JUST AWESOME love it =D


hihihihi he is cute!

omg it's soo boring, i want vacation NOW.
It's just, soo much homework and i'm so tired at the end of the day.
Sorry i'm a little bit exhausted.


hello beautiful people!:D
waaaaah happyness, don't know why.
Sometimes i am toooo happy XD
I have shopped today. In Amsterdam. AND I FINALLY HAVE BREAKING DAWN< 33333
in the cutest english bookstore ever in amsterdam. Can you imagine, a english bookstore in the netherlands HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA.
oke i am going too read, bye famous people.

xoxo your loving denise

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Long time ago
Waaaaah it's been such a long time since the last time i wrote something. Sorry, well there aren't a lot of people who will read this. caree/
Well its almost christmas =D And that means that i have 2 weeks free now. NO SCHOOL. yeah< 3. Saturday i went to Boris (dutch singer, search on youtube if you want), i went with my mum and it was very nice. Sunday i went too Spaarndam by foot =O It's like a half our to 45 minutes walking. But i was with a friend and we had a lot of fun<3 We went to a other friend btw. It was so much fun love the snow=D

(I'm in the front btw)


cut cut cut it
Hi there,

Well here is a new message from moi. It's been a lovely day. i had just 1 lesson, and went home, and just did nothing, then i got to the, how do they call that in english. Damn I'll google it, wait a second.Results: barber (the ~), hairdresser (the ~), coiffeur (the ~), caper (the ~) . You must understand that i think. So i went to the barber/hairdresser/corffeur/carper and cut my hair. Not short, just a bit en a (HOW DO THEY CALL THAT IN ENGLISH? GOOGLE!) Bang or Fringe, ooh maybe it's an animal. Never mind. I just post a photo :

that smile, omg.
Well bye bye, i am going to watch tv.

Well Hi guys,
This is my Livejournal,
hope you enjoy it. I don;t know if it's intresting. oh and sorry for my bad english. I'm dutch youknow. Today was frustrating, I hate the fact that i miss the concert of the year (my opinion). Paramore, they are HEROES < 3. My parents said it's to far, and that's why i am here and not in Tilburg. So I'm just watching comedy central, and samantha who. My mother brought me some doritos and coca cola, cause she knows i am sad. Yes my mother is sweet. Made some pictures today with my brother. Webcam, not the best qualitie.
Damn, that picture you will see it when my computer will be very nice to me. He isn't at the moment. BTW I'm watching House now. Just want to let you know (; My hair is btw blond, but I think i'm gonna die it red. Hayley is a rolemodel, can't lie about that.
i am going to sleep i think, well first read something. Because of my graths, my mother took my new book i got (Eclipse), so i am going to read the book i must read for english class. Don't know you reconize but is calls : The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon. I really like it, it is the first book i like that we have to read for english. Maybe you can read it if you want to?

love Denise

ps i like to see some comments, if someone is read it anyway haha =)

YEAH well that is the picture of me and my brother. Yes you cab say wer are crazy. Allready knew that (:


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